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How do I book?

Contact us to check our availability and have a chat about the various package options and costs, make sure you've seen samples of our work and that you're happy with your choice. Place your booking by telephone or email; we'll send you a pre-bookings form for you to complete and return to us (along with £50.00 deposit by cheque/BACS). We'll then send further paperwork including contracts and arrange a time to meet if we haven't already done so - it's always good to put faces to names and get to know each other before the day!

Can we meet to chat about our wedding?

Absolutely! We prefer to meet with couples prior to booking. Wedding videography is such an important element of the wedding day and we like to make sure you are more than happy with your choices. We're not sales people and there is never any pressure to rush into a booking. Take your time, shop around and make sure you're happy with the final decision!

Do you require upfront payment?

We require a £50.00 deposit in order to confirm a booking. Generally, half of the balance is due before the wedding day, the remainder on completion and receipt of your final proof DVD.

Who do I make payment out to?

Please make all payments out to RED BARN STUDIOS LTD. For some reason our bank will not allow us to set up an alias for Perfect Wedding Video on our account. BACS details are available on request. Cash payments are accepted in person only (do not post). Unfortunately we are as of yet unable to accept credit/debit card payments or payment via any other means.

How many DVDs will I get?


This depends on the package you select. The Executive Package comes with 5 fully licensed, custom designed and printed DVDs, the All-Inclusive comes with 10. Further copies are available at £25.00 per unit.

What will the DVD and case look like?

We custom design cases to your requirements and usually seek permission from your photographer to use a couple of their images. We do bring a still camera along with us just in case there is any use for it, and we can take images from our video footage, but these are never as good as the ones your photographer will have taken. The photographer gets full credit on the rear of the case.

Is wedding videography obtrusive?

Absolutely not. We use relatively small high-definition (HD) digital video cameras on tripods for the primary shots throughout the day, and add to this using a couple of very small wide angle HD cameras that we can embed behind flowers, on tables etc. Many couples hardly even notice the cameras and are surprised at the amount of footage captured!

How long will my DVD be?

This again depends on the package you choose and on the format of your wedding day. Generally though we find that most are between one and a half hours and two hours.

When will I get my DVD?

Depending on the time of year and our workload this can be anywhere between 1-4 months. Filming on the day only represents a fraction of what goes on afterwards and it does take time to complete the edit to our standards. Just a quick tip - to speed up the process have your music choices made and sent to us as early as possible!

How many cameras and cameramen?

A minimum of two cameramen and cameras will be used for most Executive and All Inclusive weddings; that said we also tend to use one or two extra embedded cameras for the ceremony, speeches and dances, depending on the venues. On some occasions where interviews or any other equipment is required we can bring an extra cameraman. It sounds like a lot, but we are very discreet, keep as well out of sight as possible and it does benefit the end result!

Is videography a replacement for photography?

No, they are two very different services as far as weddings are concerned. Photographers tend to arrange and instruct; we're very much fly-on-the-wall and follow the day as it happens. If we do have time though we may set up a few shots with you - again it all helps with the final outcome!

Do you work well alongside photographers?

Yes, we are extremely careful and well experienced when it comes to working alongside professional photographers. We're all there at your request to capture your big day on film. All professional photographers are experienced working alongside a video team and will be mindful of where we are and what we're filming so as to not spoil our shots. We do the very same. Generally there's a great rapport - and having worked with some of the best in the country we're more than happy to pass on our recommendations!

Do you follow a dress code?


What is Red Barn Studios Ltd?

Red Barn Studios Ltd is the company that trades as Perfect Wedding Video. As well as wedding and corporate video production we run a recording studio and a design business. We're small and family-run though!

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